A patient-first, surgeon-friendly bone graft

InRoad® emulates the biological microenvironment of bone without donor risk and moderates elaborate clinical steps without complication.
It’s the bone graft of the future.

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A product inspired by nature and designed by professionals

InRoad® draws inspiration from honeycombs and mimics the porous bone structure found in the human body. Its synthetic nature allows for it be customized to fill common or unique bone voids.


Discover what InRoad® means for your professional practice

The biocompatible and osteoconductive nature of this synthetic bone graft can help you and your patients. Gain access to the research that has advanced the possibilities of patient care.


The company behind the graft and the meaning behind the company

Osteogene Tech creates innovative solutions to bone regeneration problems in the medical fields for a better quality of life  —ultimately striving for a brighter future for patients and professionals.


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